Year 5 & 6 Spring Newsletter

Year 5 & 6 Curriculum Overview

Gandhi, Pankhurst & Bell


We are now on countdown to the tests, which take place at the beginning of May and our year 6 pupils will continue to work hard towards this. After half term, this will include booster sessions for maths and literacy lessons. Year 5 pupils will continue with the curriculum as planned.

Flying to Barbados


In this geography based topic, we will be learning about the Americas. We shall investigate the difference between physical and human features in our local area and the Americas, as well as learn about how mountains are formed. We shall use atlases, books and the internet to help us with our investigations.

Art & Music

In our art and music week, we will listen and learn about calypso music. We shall also look at and draw two contrasting landscapes in the Americas, New York and the tropical rainforests. Our rainforest paintings will be based on the artist Henri Roussos.


During our science learning, we shall investigate habitats and classifications. Our other focus will be the contrasting environments of Epworth and South America, this will include climatic differences. This will then be linked to the forthcoming ‘Olympics’ in Brazil and worries of how these differences may affect some athletes.

Design and Technology

Our focus will be the study of food and nutrition. We shall look at what a healthy and varied diet is and investigate seasonal foods, particularly in the Americas. This will include taking part in a tasting session of typical food from different regions of the Americas.


Our faith topic this term is ‘Hopes and Actions’, we shall explore some key events in the life of Jesus. We shall also explore the questions of meaning, purpose and truth including different ways in which the life of a faith member may be enriched through participation in a festival or celebration. We will focus in particular on the Easter story.


We will continue with our fortnightly learning logs and weekly maths homework. Year 6 children may, as and when necessary, instead get some more focused test-based homework. Reading will be monitored weekly and the expectation is that children read at least three times each week. A parent or carer must sign the reading record. Those children, who do not meet our expectation will be invited to attend our reading club, on Monday morning break.

P.E. Days

Gandhi – Tuesday and Wednesday

Pankhurst – Wednesday and Friday

Bell – Tuesday and Friday

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of your child in their learning. If you have anything which you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher or TA, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Kind regards

Gandhi – Mr Morris, Mrs Rowaichi and Mrs Kay

Pankhurst – Mrs Davies and Mrs Brown

Bell – Mr Anderson, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Norris and Mrs Fenelon

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