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Curriculum Letter - Spring Term 2016

Armstrong and Nightingale

Personal, Social and Emotional Development  

  • We will be learning about special times and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Easter and Mothering Sunday.

  • We will be developing skills in turn taking and sharing through small group work

  • We will be encouraging greater independence in such things as fastening up coats and dressing appropriately for the weather e.g. hats, scarves, gloves, wellies.

       Communication & Language/Literacy         

  • We will be listening to and responding to traditional stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk, The Elves and the Shoemaker.

  • We will be looking at stories from other cultures & countries, in particular looking at the book ‘Chopsticks’ which is about Chinese New Year.

  • We will continue with our Daily Phonics sessions, following the Read, Write, Inc programme. We will begin to blend words with more than 3 sounds e.g. clap, pram, bump.

  • We will be developing our speaking and listening skills through a range of role play activities and environments such as a Puppet Theatre in the Role Play area.

  • Through our writing activities we will be looking at different ways of re-telling a story e.g. zig zag books, story maps, posters and letters. We will also be looking at other forms of writing such as recipes (e.g. making porridge) and instructions (e.g. how to plant a seed).


  • We will continue to look at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and will be looking at how we can sort these in different ways.

  • In our number work, we will be working with numbers to 20 and beyond. We will be looking at ordering, writing, counting and problem solving with these numbers.

  • We will be continuing with our work on finding 1 less than a given number either up to, or beyond, 10.

  • We will be finding different ways of solving subtraction problems using apparatus and fingers.

  • We will also be introducing odd and even numbers using Numicon and counting in groups of 2 and 10.

  • In Measures work we will develop an understanding of weighing through our baking activities. We will continue to develop our understanding of size and comparing length. We will develop an understanding of the passage of time through sequencing activities. We will measure short periods of time and begin to find times on a clock. 



Understanding the World       

  • In our Computing work we will be using the ‘Switched on Computing scheme’ and we will use the i-pads and laptops in our classroom.

  • We will be finding out about other countries and cultures e.g. Chinese New Year.

  • We will be learning about special times and events for our families e.g. Mothering Sunday and Easter.

  • We will also carry out baking activities linked to our Traditional Stories and group construction work e.g. making a pair of shoes for Cinderella.

  • We will learn about growing plants.

  • We will carry out group construction activities to make a pair of shoes or a bridge.

Physical Development (PD)

  • We will develop our hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills through such things as cutting, writing, letter formation and mark making.

  • In P.E lessons we will be using the mats, benches and apparatus to develop our balance and coordination when travelling and mounting/dismounting objects.

  • We will also be looking at movement to music such as responding to music from different cultures e.g. the dragon dance for Chinese New Year.


Expressive Arts & Design   

  • We will be making lanterns and dragon masks as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations.

  • We will use black paint and thin tipped brushes to try and recreate Chinese symbols and writing.

  • In Music we will be learning to keep a steady pulse on percussion instruments and to identify pitch - high sounds and low sounds - and tempo – fast and slow.

  • Our artist of the term is Monet. We will create our own Monet-inspired paintings to develop our colour mixing skills.  

  • Things to do at home



  • Please listen to your child read on a regular basis and record this EACH time in their reading diary. We would usually want your child to read a book at least twice before we change it.

  • Continue to encourage your child to practise writing their full name using the correct letter formation.

  • We still need to keep practising writing our numbers as many children are recording them backwards. Start with numbers 1 – 10 and when your child is confident with this, begin to focus more on 11 – 20 and beyond.

  • Please continue to use the phonics flashcards that we have sent home for your child to practise their word building skills as this will link into their early reading and early writing development.

  • Please continue to use the Home School books to note any interests that your child may have, or to put in photographs, pictures, writing etc of the lovely things they get up to at the weekends and holidays!! We have enjoyed looking at these as a class and the children are always keen to share their experiences with us.

  • Please remember to bring your P.E. kit every week on a Monday morning.

We hope this information is useful and that you enjoy exploring and sharing the ideas with your children. Please feel free to call in and talk to us if you have any further questions.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Hodson, Mrs Lewis and Mr Kennedy-Brennan

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