Spring Newsletter Brunel

Class Brunel Curriculum Newsletter – Spring Term

Our theme this term will be ‘Thistle and Rose’. We will take an in depth look at the UK and our local area. We will become scientists when we explore habitats and think about where animals live. We will improve and practise our skills as researchers, geographers, and artists.

We will take an in depth look at the United Kingdom and locate capital cities, major towns, mountains and rivers. We will travel to London to research famous landmarks, we will also investigate the different modes of transport and even plan our own route using the London Underground! We will then compare London, as a major city, to our small village of Epworth. We will look at local services and amenities Epworth has to offer and create our own map of the village.

All our art work this term will be linked to our geography work, we will be learning about the famous painter Seurat and his pointillism style. We aim to create a picture of a famous London landmark using pointillism.

Our Science work will be based around animals and their habitats. We will explore why organisms live in different habitats and then move onto grouping organisms according to their characteristics. This promises to be another exciting topic, a trip to Austerfield Study Centre will offer lots of practical, hands on learning. Part of our science work will also be looking at how fossils are formed and identifying fossilised remains.

In ICT we will continue to develop our computing programming skills using light bot. We will also further develop our own research skills as we will use ICT in our theme work to learn more about the UK. We will be using Google Maps to view satellite and terrain images of Epworth.

Our literacy work this term will be mainly based on folk tales from other cultures and biography writing. We will have fun in our writing sessions, linking it to our exciting topics. We will be writing letters, postcards and diary entries. We also want to work on our dictionary skills so that we can make better use of them during writing tasks. We will concentrate on checking our written work for sense and spelling errors and make corrections accordingly. We will also be focusing on the presentation of our work – using the Nelson handwriting.

We will be becoming masters in maths as we challenge ourselves through investigations. We will continue to develop addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills looking at both mental and written methods. We will be investigating fractions and decimal numbers in detail. We will be having a look at statistics through interpreting graphs and answering questions by comparing data. We will consolidate our understanding of analogue and digital time to the nearest minute. We will also be looking at converting different units of measurement. A big focus will lie on our weekly times table challenge. I would therefore appreciate your help by practising at home. Some children have now finished all the race track challenges in school but when asked random times table questions they still struggle to answer quickly. I have therefore decided to retest times tables as it seems that once a race track was successfully completed children think they no longer need to practice. I recommend that children learn their times tables in the following format: 1 x 8 = 8; 2 x 8 = 16 etc. rather than just chanting the answers.

Please note P.E. days this term will be Monday and Wednesday. The children will require both indoor and outdoor P.E kits. The children will need to bring their complete kit on Monday and keep it in school until Friday in case of any timetable changes.

Homework will be given on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. As you will be aware, children are required to read a minimum of 3 times a week at home, please ensure that any reading is recorded in their reading record and signed by an adult. Children who are not able to read three times a week at home will be invited to our Reading Club during Monday morning’s break time. Mrs Gallagher is leading this club.

Please do not hesitate to come and see me should you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s learning at school.

Many Thanks,

Miss Czaplinski

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