Special Educational Needs & Accessibility

We believe that every child is special and we seek to meet the needs of all children. However, some children may be identified as having particular needs which may mean they will need additional support. In these cases we work closely with parents to keep you informed and involved.

A child with special needs will be placed on the Special Educational Needs register and an individual education plan produced. The extra help a child receives will vary according to a child's needs. This ranges from extra help in the classroom and help from a teacher or teaching assistant to a formal assessment. If further help is needed, the Academy's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) may ask for advice from other agencies including the Educational Psychology Service, Learning Support and Behaviour Support service. At all steps we consult fully with parents. Our school SENCO, Mrs Harte is always pleased to talk to parents if they have any concerns.

The Academy's SEN policy which conforms to the Government's Code of Practice is available for any parent to read on the Academy website. The SEND information report is available here.


We welcome all children to Epworth including those with disabilities. The school complies with all legislation to ensure that all children are fully included and have equality of opportunity. Parents of children with disabilities should apply in the usual way. The school will work with Health Services, Learning Support and other agencies to determine the support the child will need and risk assessments will be completed before the child starts.

In line with current requirements, the school site has been surveyed and an accessibility plan written. We have published a Disability Equality Scheme to promote equality for children and adults with disabilities.

Our Accessibility Plan can be found here

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