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KS1 Spring newsletter

Curriculum Newsletter – Spring Term 2016

Year 1/2 – MacArthur, Columbus and Cook Classes

Our topic this term is called ‘Whatever the Season’. The children will be doing a lot of exciting cross curricular work connected to this theme through  Geography, Science, Art and Music such as; naming and locating the 4 countries and 4 capital cities of the United Kingdom and finding out characteristics of its surrounding seas, exploring and investigating ...View News Story

Healthy Lunchboxes!

The school council have been busy looking at the issue of healthy lunchboxes in school. They have audited the contents of a range of lunchboxes and have tested a range of healthier alternatives to chocolate and crisps. As a group they have decided to create a newsletter to promote healthy lunchboxes as well as to run a healthy food tasting session for parents who send their child to school with a packed lunch. Both these things will happen in the Spring term so watch out for more information ...View News Story

Elvis Is Here!

MacArthur class have welcomed an Elf called Elvis this week.

He was sadly blown off course during the bad weather last week and ended up in America of all places. Thankfully he arrived with a letter this week.

He’s made himself at home and actually seems to quite enjoy life in MacArthur! I’m sure he has plenty to tell Santa each night on his return to the North Pole!

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