Academy Staff

Professional Development of Staff

A high priority is placed on the continuing professional development of all staff. All staff have regular training to ensure we are kept up to date with the latest developments in education. Five days of the school holidays are designated as ‘Teacher Training Days.’ Additionally staff attend weekly Staff Meetings. These are used for curriculum development and routine administrative matters. Individual members of staff are also required to attend training and other meetings at the discretion of the Principal.



Mrs K Crompton

Vice Principal

Mrs S Venables


Mrs R Maywood

Mrs J Davies

Miss K Devy

Mrs J Francis

Mrs H Hodson

Miss C Jackson

Mr I Kennedy-Brennan

Mrs K Lewis

Mr C Morris

Mrs S Rowachi

Miss K Stanham

Miss K Sutherland

Mrs L Sykes

Miss H Taylor

Mrs N Williams

Mrs C Worboys

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs M Barrowcliffe

Mrs C Hepworth

Learning Mentors

Mrs H Barth

Mrs K Flowitt

Assistant Teachers

Mrs J Algar

Mrs J Brown

Mrs J Buttrick

Mrs K Bennett

Mrs K Clarke

Mrs D Dixon

Mrs C Edwards

Mrs P Fenelon

Mrs A Fothergill

Mrs J Gatebi

Mrs G Norris

Mrs A Roberts

Mrs T Smith

Mrs H Wigham


School Business Manager

Mrs C Gravil


Mrs S Braddock

Clerical Assistants

Mrs K Clarke

Mrs J Douglas


Mrs M Pygott

Mrs B May

Mrs K Senior

Kitchen Staff

Mrs A Clarke

Mrs N Norris (Cook)

Mrs M Webster-Lawman

Mrs H Oxborrow

Midday Staff

Mrs K Bennett

Mrs K Clarke


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